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A Case Study on the Annual Report of Public Limited Company

The business solutions of the company are designed to meet a diverse range of business including the construction industry, aviation, chemicals, and shipping. Shell product lines include fuels for home and commercial fuels, gas and fuel cards, motor and bike oils, industrial lubricants, marine fuels, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (or LPG), and other chemical products. The company also engages in major projects and innovative technology solutions (including coal gasification technology) while overseeing safety and environment performance.
Shell’s strategic policy implementation emphasizes mainly on improving its performance and growth, both social and environmental (for instance, its emphasis on biodiversity (Schaltegger, Bennett, and Burritt, 2006, p. 595)). The main focus on its strategy development includes three fields: nearer-term performance focus, medium-term growth delivery, and maturing new generation project options. The company reports have announced its strategy for 2010 and beyond. Some of the key aspects of the new strategy are listed below (source: Shell Website).
It is significant to note that the company’s strategy is centered on strong operating performance and sustained investment on organic growth. Looking at the energy scenarios to 2050, Shell’s forecasts are mainly focused on the energy challenge faced by the world today. The primary motto of the company is to provide more energy and less carbon. Shell strongly believes that the development and implementation of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology is important for greenhouse gas emission control and employee safety issues, which by 2050 can contribute significantly to CO2 management.
Due to the weak global economy, the financial performance of Shell has been significantly affected in the fourth quarter of 2009.