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A Proposal for the Richmond Hill Fundraising Activity

A Proposal for the Richmond Hill Fundraising Activity
The aim of this paper is to present a proposal for the Richmond Hill fundraising activity in order to source funds for the mentioned program. Richmond Hill has been well recognized for raising funds for the community and this demonstrates its commitment to the community. The name of this event is ‘Raising fund for providing clothing to those affected in Tsunami’. It was intended to raise $ 80,000 through this fund raising program. It is a fact that one needs funds to conduct the fund raising activities. The sources of funds for the fund raising activity programs include a proportion of income from the firm’s annual fund, special programmes like low priced car washes, offer to instantly cure through beauty therapy for acnes, pimples and other skin related problems, etc. The expenses for these kinds of special program include setting up of the venue, arrangement of furniture and fixtures, arrangements for car wash and beauty therapy, printing of brochures and banners as an advertisement material.
The fund raising activity requires adequate planning and there is a need for careful organizing and staffing. Planning needs to be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event. There is a need for a number of resources which are very essential in carrying out the fund raising program. The fund raising program calls for excellent entrepreneurship skills and characteristics for the success of the desired venture. For this event, the aimed target market is one and therefore special programs like car wash and beauty therapy have been arranged in order to generate more funds than that has been estimated at Richmond Hill. There is requirement for materials, financial and human resources for the conduction of this fund raising program. All these resources need to be coordinated accordingly for the success of this program and for this, entrepreneurship skill is a must in the project manager.
Name of the event: ‘Raising fund for providing clothing to Tsunami victims.’
Present Source of capital – annual fund, low priced car washes and beauty therapy.
Income Statement to Show that Projected Revenue Exceeds Expenses:
Income Account:
Expenses Account:
Expense Heads
Estimated Amount
Rent for the venue of the event
$ 7,000 ($ 1,000 for 8 hrs.)
Tent set up
$ 2000
Printing of brochures, banners
$ 1500
Arrangement of furniture (tables, chairs, and stationery)
$ 1500
Arrangements for car wash
$ 3000
Arrangements for beauty therapy
$ 5000
Manpower expense (staff for setting up venue, for car wash and beauticians
$ 10,000
Refreshment expenses
$ 5,000
Total expenses
$ 35,