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ASSIGNMENTHuman Resource Management plays a critical role in realising



Human Resource Management plays a critical role in realising

the organisation’s business objectives. However not many organisations have a clear human resource strategy. It is important for an organisation to align that Human Resource policies and practices to the business objectives.

Choose an organisation that you are familiar with. It could be a SME or MNC. The organisation can be the one that you are currently working in. In this case, you do not have to use the real name (unless the organisation agrees). Irrespective of whether you are studying your own organisation or not, you should check privacy and confidential issues. Answer the following questions based on your understanding of the organisation.

In order for the organisation to be competitive, it is important that the organisation has talented employees. Examine the steps the organisation use to conduct job analysis in order to determine the job description and job specifications of key positions in the organisation. Discuss FOUR(4) qualitative methods the organisation uses to collect job analysis information. If the selected company does not have a systematic process in conducting job analysis, provide recommendations how they should conduct job analysis.

(30 marks)