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Boardman Management Analysis and PRF

ion has been made, the introduction of communication technology has to be viewed as an occasion in the life of an organization that affects the processing of information by knowledge workers. With the implementation of new processing systems, an external parameter has been introduced within the organization that changes the creation and manipulation of information. The fundamental question arising is concerned with the relationship between this external parameter and the agents – knowledge workers – of the organization.
Boardman Management should take into account its current system and future goals connected with business expansion and future development. As new technology is introduced, knowledge workers have to make media choices that translate into alternative ways of processing information. These media choices are made in the context of having to achieve an expected level of individual performance. In these circumstances, knowledge workers appropriate the technology according to their needs and given organizational norms. Although top management may have a specific output in mind, the invested new software technology is adopted by organizational members who make the eventual decision regarding the use of the technology. The underlying idea is that new software technology is created and changed by human action, yet it is also used by people to accomplish organizational aims. Knowledge workers may, for example, decide to use group support systems for the purpose of generating ideas, yet refuse to use these for overcoming conflicts (Laudon and Laudon 2005).
Boardman Management should take into account current problems and skills deficiencies, routine work and complexity of organizational structure. This means that workers are limited in their full range of media choices. Furthermore, political processes within organizations demand the negotiation of appropriate media choices. These negotiation processes adhere to established social patterns that have