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Business C06V Busies EthicsADiscuss reasons why ethics are an important part of an


Business C06V, Busies Ethics


  1. Discuss reasons why ethics are an important part of an


  • Discuss the ethical concerns that have surfaced regarding information technology and property rights.
  • Why is it important that companies have a good understanding of the relationship between blame and moral responsibility?
  • B

    1. Describe three issues that make determining utilitarianism difficult.
    2. Describe how an ethic of virtue can enhance the principles of utilitarianism, rights, justice, and caring.
    3. Discuss how the unconscious process uses past experiences to effect the moral decision-making process.


    1. Discuss John Locke’s idea that, in a state of nature, everyone would be political equals and free of constraints, and how those rights affect American institutions.
    2. According to Adam Smith, how does free market competition provide greater benefits than government interference?
    3. Discuss Karl Marx’s view on how capitalist economies alienate workers.