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Business Process Management Case Study of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airline is part of the larger Emirates group that offers a number of distinguished services including. tourism, air maintenance, aviation college, air transport, hospitality, trans guard just to name but a few. Currently, Emirates Airline is ranked as the largest cargo carrier in the Middle East, and this is mainly influenced by the large numbers of tourist and international shoppers who visit Dubai annually (Emirates Airlines 2015).
The research methodology for this particular study involved both quantitative and qualitative as I indulged in both primary and secondary research to gather data for the purpose of this project. Primary data came mainly from interviews and questionnaires that were administered to various employees who work for Emirates Airline I varied ranks namely. cabin crew members, ground operators, Line managers as well as the airline division manager. To enhance credibility, validity and integrity of the data collected all primary research was conducted on a face-to-face interrogation basis to increase the chances of getting dependable answers from the respondents. There were a total of one hundred and twenty questionnaires in total with twenty being used for the pilot project while the other hundred were utilised for the actual data collection exercise. The questionnaires contained nine questions that were grouped into two sections and during the entire data collection process we managed to interrogate one hundred respondents to fill the questionnaires. Ethical consideration was taken care of during the entire period of research as a written consent was availed to the participants to help them understand the details of the study before being recruited to provide any information. Relatively, the management of Emirates Airlines was informed of the same, and we agreed to protect any confidential