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Characteristics of the nationstate and transnational entities

Moreover, a modern nation-state has a defined territory. Lastly, a modern nation-state has a population that shares national individuality or customs.
An example of such a nation is Brittany in northern France, since it is a faction of a populace that is tightly knit and shares a familiar culture. It is superior compared to a distinct community that shares a familiar language, account, institute, and creed. Consequently, it does not have physical borders that separate them.
A state can also be referred to as a country. An example of such a state is Argentina, which connotes a political entity that is self-governing. It has a permanent population and a government association with other states. It is as a result of people with a nation having a State or country.
An exemplar of a nation-state is the United Kingdom. It is a unitary state that was formed as a result of two kingdoms that include kingdom of England and the kingdom of Scotland. UK is perceived as a ‘country within a country’ by the British government.
USA is a perfect exemplar of a nation state. Though it is a multicultural society, it is regarded as a nation-state due to the existence of the shared American culture. It has a territory that is composed of all the states. it also has a regime and sovereignty. The sovereignty is implemented and observed in the interaction between local state and federal laws that are formed to govern the discrete territories. USA has a well-managed geographical territory that is fixed and defined, for example, the borders amid Mexico and Canada. It uses its federal laws to govern a large portion of land that surrounds the borders. States in America have their policies that determine a person that enters, stays, or is denied entry. Moreover, USA has foreign policies such as immigration policies with Mexico and support to Israel and also policies that protect and guide the country and its inhabitants.
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