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Characters on the road

Characters on the Road The film d the grapes of wrath generally talks about individuals, who are determined to achievestability by evading the road because of their longing for the domestic life. On the other hand, searches, is about a journey, which lasts for five years, and includes two males, who can be deemed as protagonists named Martin Pawley and Ethan Edwards.
Martha and Aaron’s home is where the search film commences, after Indians kidnap their daughters, and men start searching for them. In the progress of the search, martin and Ethan disband from the key search group, and their efforts are rewarded. In my opinion, the director of the film brought about the disbandment and related it to success to show that in most instances, the crowd is bound to fail as compared to the minority. At the beginning of the search, Martin is hopeful the search will bear fruits, but as their progress, hope starts diminishing an analogy of human behavior in relation to the challenges they face.
Edwards is portrayed as unsympathetic character, and this portrayed by the songs during his act. Martha has a featureless silhouette, which brings contrast between her interior behavior and what people her to be, and color is used to highlight this attribute. Interior shots are used to give the audience the preferred Ethan’s appearance considering human have varying faces. At the beginning, Ethan character of being a racist is shown. however, with time, the character of being seductive and even interacting with children is highlighted. These alterations in Ethan, show people have the ability to change their characters and behaviors.
The director of the film, searches highlights a society, whose movements are conservative, and there are traces of disharmony. The film captures different angles such as geographical and temporally angles. Ethan and Martin show how some individuals are unable to stick at one locate, considering that life without progress is unsatisfying. Later in the film, Ethan is shown as a knowledgeable and with an attractive mobility.
In conclusion, the film searches, talks about the up and downs experienced by individuals and societies in bid to close political, economical, and social gap.
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