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The autocrat approaches of managers gave way to democratic approaches. More and more scientific methods implemented in the employee organization relationships.
Modern century witness changes in every aspect of human life. Fast developing technologies and new thoughts developed after cold war changed the complexion of human life. Scientific methods are applied everywhere and the business arena also not an exception. Rapid changes in business strategies is taking place in order to explore the possibilities of new liberal world as well as due to the competition in the market. The Human Resources departments are also no exception. Out of the 4 M’s of an organization, Man, Material, Machine and Money, I think Man or the human resources are the most important entity. Competitive employees will always be an asset to organizations. Even if the other resources of the company are less, still only the smart employees can utilize it to ensure maximum productivity. If the employees are not competent enough then they will always complain about the resources which are not available rather than utilizing the existing ones.
I have seen some examples in our company itself, in which some smart workers utilizing the available resources to ensure optimum production. Though our company is engaged in construction activities, as you know we don’t have enough resources and modern equipments to explore the available construction market, positively. Our equipments need to be modernized based on the requirements in order to compete in the market with quantity and quality. One of our regular clients has approached me with a job few months before. As soon I seen the specifications, I concluded that this job is not possible by us and at the same time I was not willing to disappoint the customer as he was a regular one giving us around 10% of our annual volume of works. I have discussed this project with our expert people and enquired about the possibilities of