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Construction Safety

The reason for this is that each contractor does their work differently. Others do not even recognize the standards and set theirs instead. Chen and Li (2006), state that this compromises on the general environmental safety concerns as well as ISO standards in the construction site.
There is need therefore to have a way of applying these in such a large project with many contractors. All contractors need to come together and establish compliance standards that revolve around waste management, hazards avoidance measures, spill management, and cleanups, etc. Contractors are supposed to ensure monitoring is done as routinely as possible (Chen and Li, 2006). This ensures that the standards are being followed: this can be through a neutral Site Inspector. Workers need to be trained together on environmental safety and ISO standards to be upheld at the site.
The contractors need to demand to know the construction safety record of fellow contractors so as to ensure that the safety of their workers is not to be compromised. This way, only competent contractors are to be contracted. Contractors need to ensure that their individual employees are well qualified to offer the highest possible service in regards to environmental safety. Lastly but not the least is the need to have a regular evaluation process in place for all contractors to be evaluated on compliance.