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Debating Public Policy

However, the role of such organizations has been largely unnoticed since they fund advocacy groups (Weissert, Knott, 1995, Pp. 275).
The policy process can play a significant role in safeguarding minority rights which involve protection of basic human rights such as freedom of speech and expression, freedom to choose and follow religion of choice and beliefs, freedom of seeking equal protection under the law, and the liberty to participate with equal strength and vigor in the public life of the society. The protection of rights of minorities is essential to the governments and policy makers to enable them to substantiate the cultural identity of the minorities as well as their social practices and traditions. The minorities may involve people belonging to ethnic backgrounds, following different religious beliefs and customs, as well as those who are geographically located in areas where their community is less in number, and differentiated on the basis of their income. Such groups are encouraged to participate in the policy making process to facilitate smoother functioning of governmental organizations and to maintain national and political integrity (, 2008).
The prime objective of any public decision process revolves around protection of their individual as well as collective rights through promoting welfare of their society. The choice of an appropriate and suitable public policy is the key to bringing about the desired reforms and facilitating implementation of the policies that promote and initiate welfare and overall socio –economic development of their societies. The establishment of a customary perception is assisted by increased familiarity of the social fabric of the community at large. The heightened knowledge about the existence of pre requisites which hampers the social life in a complicated metropolitan environment is reflective of conflict (Cohnstaedt, 1966,