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Distributed Power System Network with Renewable Sources


In the past years, the increase in the petroleum prices, coupled with tendency of fossil fuel reserves and their dangerous effects that cannot be avoided and the lack of political stability in the sources of energy regions have led to the renewable energy systems study (Air-X, 2008). In this case, electrical energy is outputted by the systems of renewable energy systems like fuel cells and photovoltaic panels in direct current form. As a result, regardless of the fact that the electrical energy produced by the wind turbines is directly proportional to the wind velocity making it alternative current (AC) , undergoes conversion back to dc energy by the converters found internally in the small-scale turbines of the wind that are utilized in structures like buildings (Cete, 2010). This network is then injected with Direct Current energy. Thus, the DC energy outputted through the wind turbines, fuel cells and photovoltaic panels. The DC energy produced cannot be used readily by the consumers without having been converted to AC energy. This is given the fact that the consumer uses electricity in AC form. The conversion from DC to AC has a few challenges like the improvising of DC to AC converter. There are also disadvantages related to this conversion are. energy loss, partial energy degradation, harmonics production, cost and dimension increase (Siemens, 2009). Electrical energy transmission from the place of produce to the consumer, pose the predicament of losing energy. To avoid this predicament, we need to avoid the use of the DC to AC conversion to produce the AC energy. Thus in this study, a Mat labĀ© simulation software will be made for hybrid system of Direct Current system and thereafter, it will be applied, in the process of production of DC energy through RHESs and in this manner the DC loads like freezer or refrigerator, 44 compact florescent lamps, fans, TV circulation pump, and vacuum cleaner consume the DC energy in a way that it is not converted into the form of AC (Colorado, 2010). This is will be presented in this paper project as we get to discuss the simulation of the renewable energy. It is for this reason that the unit distribution of the DC energy ought to be established for the fuelling of the hybrid energy cell system of photovoltaic wind. INTRODUCTION It is indisputable. technologies in the energy have a main function in the development based on the economic and small scale level, which varies from domestic, society to region, nation and international. Conventional fossil fuel sources like coal, oil, natural gas are becoming rare as the time goes by. Additionally, by the using the sources of fossil fuel, it is predictable that they pollute the nature in the end process, resulting to the global warming through the formation of the greenhouse outcome thus the world is turned into a night mare that is not desirable for anyone to live in. Thus, sources of renewable and alternative energy got significance that has greater priority over the history of the mankind. (Air-X, 2008). There has been an increase in the study of renewable and the new kinds of energy due to the current sources of energy output that make a quick entry into the tendency of exhaustation that the raw material prices rise significantly, as their effects affect the human health and environment in a negative way. The some challenges faced in the use of these kinds have increased the