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Document Analysis oin the Holocaustand the Nazis

He addressed the Jews in order to unite them as one during the trying times.
Weltsch blamed the Nazis for their chauvinism addressing the events that took place on 1 April 1933 calling this an important date for the Jewish people. In his article, he expresses the sad presentation of not only political and economic inconsideration, but also the spiritual and moral injustices shown by the Nazi people. The article notes that on this day German-Jews learnt a lesson which penetrates far more deeply than even their embittered and now triumphant opponents could assume… According to the article, this was a Jewish rebirth or awakening.
The author advised the fellow German Jews not to lose their heart urging them to analyse the situation without deceiving themselves. Currently, the document alleged to be the cradle of Zionism should be distributed to everyone whether Jews or non-Jews according to the author. Weltsch explained that the Nazis called the Jews enemies of the state leaving them defenceless arguing that they never betrayed anyone.
The author wrote this document as a wakeup call for the Jews who suffered the great humiliation. The article intended to bring the German Jews together, while encouraging them to walk with their heads high despite the frustrating boycott of their shops. The author wanted the Jews to prove to the German-Nazis unity and power brought to this dishonoured community. For this reason, a reader may argue that this document’s purpose was to remind the fellow German-Jews what they stood for meaning peace and unity.
This document is credible considering the events that took place in German especially during the Holocaust. Study shows that the German-Jews suffered greatly under the Nazis. In addition, it is clear according to the article that some German Jews tended to leave their community to benefit from personal positions, and this betrayed