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What is also significant to note that the organizations are considered as the artificial citizens of the world therefore they have an obligation to engage themselves into practices which can enhance the world in which they operate? This may therefore not only include following the sustainable business process and products but also engages into practices which can ensure the cooperation between the different stakeholders in the society.DuPont is one of the most famous organizations of the world with presence in many countries. Over the period of time, it has been able to develop itself into a firm which is socially responsible with clear set of goals for fulfilling the needs of the society. This paper will therefore focus on the role of DuPont in the society and how it has been able to fulfill its role specially in terms of serving the society, the stakeholders as well as the implications of the actions of the firm on its stakeholders.DuPont is an American chemical company with a rich and old history as it was formulated in late 19th century. Primarily engaged in chemical business, firm produces different products and is now the second largest chemical producing companies in the world. It has been able to completely revolutionize the way polymer products are being manufactured all over the world and has been able to introduce new and innovative technologies which helped it to obtain the leading position in the market.What is also important to note that over the period of time, DuPont has been able to create a strong brand image for itself such that most of the generic products in chemical industry are known with the brand names of this firm rather than their original generic name? Such acceptability of the products therefore suggests that the firm has been able to create a unique name in the world for itself.It is also however, important to note that various research studies have