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Educational Exhibition Tour in London

The overall budget for a London tour for an educational exhibition is £20,000. The project will start on 10th September 2007. The first exhibition is scheduled to be conducted on 1st October 2007 at Camden, the second on 4 October at Islington, the third on 8 October at Southward, the fourth on 12 October at Lewis ham amp. the fifth and final exhibition on 17 October at Greenwich. The project is scheduled to be wound up on 21 October 2007. Costs involved in the project are towards payment to staff. purchase of consumables, equipment, expenses towards contingencies and for other resources including advertising and publicity, transportation, food, hotel bills, etc. The details regarding the cost estimates are elaborated under the sub-heading Cost amp. Resources of the Project. The project is expected to meet its desired objective of creating the right approach and attitudes towards computer education among young people. The exhibitions are conducted in different locations situated in an area of London. Thus, it can attract more students from different schools who could derive lasting benefits from it, as well as improve their co-curricular projects also.
Project Management is a strategic approach towards the vision, mission, and other relevant goals of the business or any concern. Projects should be led in such a way that survival, success, and understanding are attained while meeting the schedule and budget as well as delivering the scope. Projects should add value along with adding profits to the organization. Project success also means that in the end, it results in a healthy team.