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Examination of Curriculum and Assessment

Examination on Curriculum and Assessment Date:
The curriculum on which learning in schools is based is paramount as it acts as the guideline on how instructions should be conducted and the objectives of the learning process. The curriculum stipulates the activities and learning procedures that should be undertaken so as at the end of the study period the learners are expected to have acquired certain skills and knowledge which they are tested in form of assessment test to determine if the learning process met its objectives (Hyland amp. University College, 2000).
For the case of the immigration lesson plan for learners in grade 3-5 the curriculum is well designed as it meets most of the requirements in terms of the objectives of the study the deliverables that are expected out of the learning process and the entire process it topped up with a comprehensive assessment that will test the level of comprehension of the learners to ascertain if the objectives of the course were indeed met. The course is fashioned in the right manner and it will serve of great significance to the students since the knowledge that they will gain revolves around the daily experiences in their lives, especially in the American society where the issue of immigration is a significant problem since there is an influx of a vast number of unregistered immigrants who illegally cross over the border to seek refuge in the country. Some of the learners may be experiencing this problem first hand, thus the lesson will tend to give them knowledge and facts about the issue while elaborating the background of the problem and the potential solutions that can be sought to solve it amicably (Scott, 2001).
The immigration lesson plan is designed in a manner that it gives the learners an in-depth perspective on the topic by dispensing a pool of knowledge that is related to the issue of immigration in the world and particularly in America hence helps them to have a higher degree of risk and how experts use the very information and knowledge to formulate relevant policies that will contribute to deal and solve the problem amicably. Furthermore the primary aim of any syllabus is to equip learners with the skills of critical thinking so as they can be able to utilize the knowledge they have acquired in class to devise a solution for the challenges that they face in their environment (Scott, 2001). The immigration lesson touches on the social issues that are predominant in the American society hence the learners are privilege to utilize the skills of thinking critically and making rational decisions in their lives whenever they encounter these issues as they will be better placed to make informed decisions concerning the problem (Hyland amp. University College, 2000).
However, despite the curriculum of the lesson plan being designed in a brilliant manner, the mode of assessment does not adequately meet the objectives of the lesson. Learners may pass the course but in the real sense will not have acquired prerequisite skills that are expected of them on completing the course. Thus, the lesson’s assessment criteria should be fashioned in a multi-facet manner to ensure as much as it tests the learners on their ability to answer the evaluation question, another mode of testing is also implemented to ensure skills are also passed to the students to ensure the objectives of the lesson are fully met (Scott, 2001).
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