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Feminist Criticsm Gendered Lives Paper

No doubt, the whole show has captivated millions if not billions of television viewers many of whom are glued to their seats relishing every action, words, color, walk and talk of the regal queens, kings, princes, princesses and the nobility from London and elsewhere. Their stately, dignified bearing also equals the royal showcases of the UK from the Goring Hotel and Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. All the color and splendor of the occasion has greatly enhance the relevance of the monarchy in our time through the power of media notably television. Keyword: UK – United Kingdom 3 That television is educational can no doubt be more explicit and strategically relevant through a quadrant of colors and technology in one of the most widely covered television programs of our generation that is the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London, England. Probably one of the most elaborately detailed programming in television and video industry, the coverage has given everyone not only inspired viewing but an idea of the workings of the royalty in present times and a glimpse of its rich historic past. That’s information and television programming at its most effective medium participated in by all accredited stations from all corners of the world via satellite lead by such giants in the trade as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC is known as the world’s oldest and biggest broadcasting outfit) playing the role as the anchor station for its partners from all points of the world. Without modern television, the event would be just one of a small family affair as Prince William has been reported to have quipped in jest to his father-in-law. How could it be when the British royalty has been in constant public censure for taking a huge chunk of taxes paid for its upkeep. They must rekindle the reputation, pride and joy of Her Majesty, Queen of England as one of the few surviving monarchies in the world. Television programming and sharing the regal splendor, pomp and color to the world is the biggest and world-widest way in reliving what was once and still mighty and proud monarch. This time with some twists bigger but surprisingly silent as a non-issue compared to that of Diana’s breach of the time-honored royal protocols (The deceased Princess of Wales has been 4 known to be at odds with the royal family on the issue of her close affinity and constant contact with the public). Subjects and Kings are supposed to be miles apart. But not anymore, traditions have been effectively broken with television bringing the unspoken words of the breach in festive streaming colors. Television brings wedding pageantry to the world, as AP (2011) said in the entertainment headline. Prince William maybe the man of the hour, his boyish grins and toothed smiles captured on the wide screen but it was Kate, lovely in her long gown and made more adorable with her sympathetic eyes, who represented the dreams and aspirations of the common people. What would life be without women? Have you ever thought of this very lonely situation of living in a world without women? The situation is pretty much the same of the question in reverse of a world without men. However, that is not the case in the original order of things (Creation story). Without women,