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Has Austria Abided by the Austrian State Treaty and Its Neutrality Policy on Bosnia and Its Entry to the EU

With the evolution of humans and territories, new political setups or governance came into being with set rules and regulations, to rule cities, provinces or states and important countries. Most or some of those set rules and regulations to govern countries are brought out as a result of treaties. So, a treaty (an agreement officially signed by countries, international organizations, etc) allows certain actions and restricts certain other actions for the effective functioning of the countries. So, this paper will analyze whether Austria has abided by the Austrian State Treaty and its policy on neutrality while dealing with the conflict in Bosnia, and during its entry into the European Union and its aftermath.
In the post Second World War period, when realignment or reorganization of nation-states occurred according to the results of the war, new countries got formed and old countries emerged in new forms (even under new names). This reorganization mainly happened with the European countries, with many countries’ territories and forms of governance decided by this reorganization. Importantly, this reorganization resulted in many countries evolving into official entities. That is, many European countries attained sovereign status in the post Second World War period with the signing of various treaties. Austria, which was divided into British, French, Soviet and American zones and governed by the Allied Commission for Austria, also became sovereign with the signing of the Austrian State Treaty or the Austrian Independence Treaty, with the important element of neutrality inbuilt in it. The ‘seeding’ for this important step was laid out in 1947 by the Austrian President, Karl Renner. The idea that Austria should regain its independence, and thereafter remain permanently neutral in foreign affairs, had first surfaced in public in Jan 1947, when Dr. Karl Renner, then President of Austria, suggested it.nbsp.nbsp.