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Hello I am doing C200 Task 1 from Western Governors University A2 the subtask of concern asks to describe 3


Hello. I am doing C200, Task 1 from Western Governors University. A2, the sub-task of concern asks to describe 3

leadership practices of the current leader of the organization. I have chosen the following:

1. Provides strategic leadership

2. Coaches, guides and mentors’ direct reports and ensures that this is done at all levels

3. Sets a tone of execution and formally fosters its practice and adoption throughout the organization.

I will elaborate on each, and show how each practice helps the organization. I am not sure if these are actual leadership practices. What I did was observe the leader and record what he actually does. I will be sure to also include relevant aspects of leadership theory in my write up. For example, in the strategic leadership practice, I would use the trait theory and describe the leader has having the characteristic of pragmatism- and tie it to his ability to be an effective strategic leader in defining the overall business strategy of the organization.

Overall, am I on the right track? Are those actual leadership practices?

Any assistance or commentary would be great!