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Why Should I Homeschool My Students Instead of Sending Them to Traditional School?

Why Should I Homeschool My Students

Everyone wants to have the freedom to choose. Nobody wants to be left with just one option to work with. Having several options gives you more room to explore and find what really suits you. This ideology works with almost anything. Take for example, in the grocery. As a customer, you may think that two identical products with the same price is giving you nothing but a slight delay in your grocery time. You are somehow given a more difficult time in choosing since there is basically no difference between the two. But if you look past the products you see on the store shelves, you will realize that the makers of those two products are very cautious not to commit any mistake and they constantly work to further improve their products. A minor miscalculation or a simple breakthrough could make or break the reputation of the company, thereby giving their competitor an advantage in the market. That is what choices bring to the table. The players strive to provide better service.

With regard to the education system in the country, parents were initially given with only one choice to educate their children. That is by sending them to a traditional school where the kids get to meet and interact with other children of the same age and live in the same area. The children will attend their classes every day. The teacher provides a syllabus and he must cover all the lessons before the school year ends. Plus, he must also take into consideration the number of students in a class which is around 20 students per classroom on the average. Children are sometimes assigned to work as a group. Most of the time, they are given homework help and projects that need to be accomplished at a specified date. Students are evaluated through examinations, quizzes, recitations, etc. Kids only get to play during breaks. In some cases, teachers incorporate fun activities and games inside the classroom to spice things up a bit. But most of the time, kids are not allowed to socialize once the class starts. They are expected to keep quiet, listen to the teacher, and learn. This is what children are accustomed to, growing up. They spend more than a decade of their lives inside a classroom. That was the usual scenario until homeschooling was introduced to the public and integrated into the educational system.

The concept of homeschooling works in different ways. The parents can acquire all the learning materials in accordance with the state curriculum and teach their child at home. It’s just like a regular school, but the classes are held at home. The next step is to figure out what interests the child. From there parents can explore all possible topics, tackling lessons in Math, Science, Geography, and many more. During the learning process, other opportunities may come up. Third, and probably the most effective way, is the combination of the two. Teach the student the lessons just like in a traditional school to make sure that he/she would not be left behind, but at the same time, do not sacrifice the child’s individuality. It is more like focusing on enhancing the skills and talents of the child to develop him/her as a person.

So, between traditional school and homeschooling, which among those two can provide the best education for a student? The short answer is homeschooling. Aside from its openness (which means having very minimal restrictions), parents will learn not to put too much pressure on the child as it will only make things hard for the student. It should be the opposite. Not only will the student learn to value education, he/she will also understand the lesson with great ease because everything is done at his/her own pace. Thus, learning becomes a fun activity for the kid. So instead of feeling pressured, the student feels joy and excitement. Since he/she is having fun, everything comes naturally and the retention of concepts and ideas is much faster, giving the student as well as the parent/teacher more time on their hands.

Unlike adults, kids have energy levels that are almost always full. So if your kid is being homeschooled, there is no better way to release all those energy than by being active in the community. Join special classes like artwork with the family, attend various events, and just be visible in the community. If you have enough money, you can also travel wherever you feel like going. That is one of the benefits of homeschooling. You are not restricted to the confines of your house. Homeschooling can be effective at any place at any time as long as the student and the teacher are engaged in the learning process. So why should you homeschool your student instead of sending them to a traditional school? If these are not good enough reasons for you, here are some more.

Through homeschooling, children are able to get in touch with their creative side. In other words, kids get to find out and reveal their hidden talents. It is all because they have extra time on their hands to really explore anything they want. Finding the career path that is right for you does not come easy, especially for kids. So having a jumpstart at an early age is a big help. Some may find their passion in cooking while others may be more inclined in sports. Whatever the case may be, the important thing is that the kid is being true to himself. That is what homeschooling is all about. Also, to be exposed to the community means having to meet all types of people from the young ones to the older ones. Social interactions greatly help an individual to mature as a person. Being mature at a young age means bright future ahead. Speaking of bright future, after graduation in high school, top universities and respected colleges have a slight preference for homeschoolers over traditional school students. One of the reasons is that simply because homeschoolers tend to be more interesting individuals. These institutions are looking beyond what the exam scores and numbers are telling them. They are searching for individuals who possess the X factor – those who already found their calling and are passionate in what they do. In short, homeschooled students possess characteristics that were never taught inside the classroom. And that’s what makes them unique and special.