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Organizing Your Homeschool Room

Organizing Your Homeschool Room

In traditional schools, classroom organization is an important aspect in making sure that students get to study in a place conducive for learning. A great environment makes students feel comfortable and motivated to learn and participate. As a result, students who study in a clean and organized classroom excel more than those who study in an unpleasant environment. Also, a cluttered and untidy classroom does not promote discipline among the students and teachers alike. How a room looks like has a reflection on the personalities of those who use it. If you are a teacher and you cannot keep your classroom organized, that can generate a negative feedback on you.

The same applies to homeschooling. Most families who homeschool their kids have a designated space in the house which is used as their homeschool classroom. Having a room at home where your children can study makes the learning experience more pleasant for them. Compared to just studying in their rooms, in the family room, or on the kitchen table, having their own study space allows them to focus more on learning. As the parent/teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure that your homeschool room is not just always clean and organized, you also have to teach your children how to keep it that way. An organized homeschool room is not just pleasing to the eyes, it also makes things easier for everyone because all homeschooling needs are available and accessible in just one location.

When organizing your homeschool room, you can start with setting up all the necessary elements to make up the perfect study venue for your children. Below are some of the organizational tips that you can apply to help make your task easier. Do not forget to ask help from other members of the family, especially your spouse, so that you will not feel stressed doing things on your own. Also, involve your homeschooling children because more than you, they are the ones who will benefit from it.

First and foremost, the area where you will set up your homeschool classroom should be far from any distraction. Children can get easily distracted and if something catches their attention and diverts it away from studying, it can be quite challenging to bring it back. Some families use extra bedrooms, basements, and even convert garages into their children’s homeroom classroom. Depending on the availability of space and your house layout, try to look for a quiet area with good lighting and ventilation. Preferably, the classroom should be located away from the television, home theater or the game room. If your children need a break from homeschooling activities, it would be best to provide an entertainment area or station inside the classroom.

Assign stations which will allow you and your children to do activities as a group and also allow them to work on their own when needed. Stations also work great to let your children know where to go if they need anything. Assign a book station, which will serve as a mini library that your children can access anytime. Have some bean bags or big pillows on the floor to serve as their reading nook. This will allow them to relax and encourage them even more to read even when you do not assign them anything. The bean bags are an unconventional addition to the homeschool room, but they serve as a good break from the usual tables and chairs. Another station that you can assign is the artwork station where your children can enhance their creative side. Have some display boards where you can showcase their artworks and have like a mini exhibit every week. Your homeschool room should also have a supplies section where your children’s school supplies are kept. If you have older children, you can also allow them to have their own workstations where they can keep their own supplies. The smaller ones can have some sort of a little kids station where flash cards, learning posters, and other educational toys can be found. Of course, as the teacher, you should have your own station too, where you can keep your lesson plans and other teaching materials.

Make sure that you have enough storage boxes, organizers, drawers, or bins so that you and your children can put away everything neatly after every homeschool day. Tell your children that the classroom is also their responsibility. The classroom should always be kept clean and organized so that they would know where they can access materials and supplies that they may need in the future. It would also help if you use color coding in organizing each of your children’s school materials. That way, it would be easier for them and even for you to distinguish which item belongs to who.

Decorations also help to make a more engaging and appealing classroom. Simple decals and educational posters can be a great way to make a dull wall look interesting. If you have younger kids, using bright colors inside the classroom can definitely liven up the space. However, be careful not to put too much decoration because they might serve as a distraction. Just keep things simple yet pleasing to the eye.

Also, since you and your children will be using the classroom most of the time, it would be good to invest in furniture which are ergonomically designed to keep yourself and your children comfortable all the time. Chairs, tables, and individual desks are classroom essentials which need to be relaxing enough to motivate and promote better learning. You do not have to spend much. You can even customize your existing furniture if you have the time and resources to do so.

Organizing your homeschool room may be a bit challenging especially if you are just starting with homeschooling. Take it one step at a time. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of things that you have to do. Just make sure that you get everything organized in time and make a combined effort with the rest of the family to keep the homeschool classroom neat and orderly at all times. As you spend more time in there, you and your children will appreciate the benefits and advantages of an organized classroom.