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How can a continuous planning process help businesses respond to external threats and


How can a continuous planning process, help businesses respond to external threats and


Describe the differences between entities, tables , rows, and attributes in a database.

what is the importance of master data management?

What is the advantage of a DBMS?

Explain the differences between OLAP and OLTP.

Describe how OLAP enables a user to conduct multidimensional queries.

What is the meaning of support and confidence in the context of data mining?

Explain the difference between clustering and classification.

What is the relationship between measures and dimensions?

Describe and give examples of two types of Web mining.

What is a Web site’s stickiness, and why is it important?

Explain the purpose of a model within a DSS.

Explain the difference between explicit and tacit knowledge.

Describe four types of intelligent agents. How can they be used to benefit organizations?

What is knowledge management system and what types of technologies make up a comprehensive system?

How can visual analytic be used to gain business.

What is the purpose of using layers in GIS applications?

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