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How successful has David Cameron been at keeping the Conservative Party united since 2010

David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg claimed that their actions were of necessity due to the spiraling national debt. As of 2013, Conservative party was the largest single party in House of Commons with its 303 members and still the largest party in local government with 9,391 Councilors. The party is the most powerful in United Kingdom and largest British party in the European Parliament since it has 25 Members of the European Parliament (Quinn, 2012). The strength of the party is also demonstrated by the fact that it is the third largest party in Scottish Parliament and second largest party in Welsh Parliament. Conservative party internal divisions have been evident on the UK’s relationship with the EU, but David Cameron has used various methods to manage intra-party divisions and unify the party leaders (Beckett, 2012, para 3). Some unifying techniques include policy compromise, referendum pledges, and low-cost dissent. Thesis statement: David Cameron has successfully kept the Conservative party united since 2010. …
At the same time, Cameron is geared at ensuring stable Afghanistan and ultimate withdrawal of British troops by 2015 (Cole amp. Deighan, 2012). David Cameron has been able to get Britain back to work through creating more than 1 million employment opportunities since he became the Prime Minister in 2010. The government policies have led to more than 1.5 million apprenticeships and more than 2,000 families have been accepted to buy homes using mortgages each month. Conservative party has managed to slash down the top income tax rate to 45 percent from 50 percent and there are plans to lower it further to 40 percent. David Cameron is committed to party’s economic policies reducing public spending order to control budget deficit through merging or abolishing some public bodies and removing barriers to job creation (Kulahci, 2012). The number of UK businesses has reached a record high to 4.9 million and the government is committed to helping the businesses create more jobs through cutting National Insurance for each business by 2,000 pounds and Prompt Payment Code for supplies of small businesses to bigger firms. According to Hart amp. Carr (2013), David Cameron has dealt with the issue of same-sex marriage that presented possible splits by seeking labour votes in Parliament in order to defeat a legislation that was aimed at introducing same-sex marriages. The opposition of same-sex marriages is not entirely based on the ethical grounds raised during the debate since the benchmark voting record on the issue is consistent thus highlighting remarkable consistent and unity of the party towards the issue (McNaught, 2012). David Cameron has successfully managed the issue of referendum on Scottish independence through offering