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How the iPod Changed Society

iPod has changed people’s lives in many ways. iPod’s design is aesthetically pleasing and has all the necessary functions with a straightforward interface. The design has kept evolving and the current design is as thin as a pencil with the thickest iPod being just half an inch thick. This gadget has a profound impact on people and society.
The iPod is very simple to use, can accommodate a large amount of data in a very small space, allows the owner to build personal collections, accommodates a variety of formats and also enables to the owner to share playlists (Veith, 2006). iPod is more than another MP3 player. People have become obsessed with the iPod because it gives them control. People are able to control their space, their time and their interactions (Song, 2006). This gives them happy that they are in charge of their immediate environment. iPod allows people to maintain their own private space as it helps them to reclaim their own world instead of being bombarded with media messages. This serves to give them the much-needed confidence. Overall, iPods have a positive effect on society. They maintain personal space, encourage self-expression and strengthen a community. Mass communication has allowed the public sphere to invade into the personal sphere.
Listening to music has both physical and emotional effects on the people because the brain’s musical networks and emotional circuits are connected. Apple understands that music holds a very special place in the minds of the people and hence they developed the device which is easy to use, easy to carry and easy to love (Song, 2006).
The iPod is no longer an instrument but has become a part of people’s lives. They consider it to be an extension of their body, a part of their memory and a part of their identity.