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Hypothesis Students that participate in an eightweek mindfulness course experience less perceived stress than


Hypothesis: Students that participate in an eight-week mindfulness course experience less perceived stress than

students who do not participate.

I .Participants: College students at a University (N= 64)

A . Students between the ages of 19-22.

B . Convenience sampling will be used as participants have willingly enrolled in an 8-week mindfulness course.

C . Ideally the participants will be from various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

II . Design: Experimental The independent variable is the treatment: the Mindfulness based stress reduction course (MBSR).

A . The dependent variable is perceived stress level of the students.

B . A control group of 32 students will not receive the MBSR treatment, as they will be on the waiting list.

C . 32 students will be the experimental group who will receive the MBSR treatment during the experiment.

III . Materials

A . The Perceived stress scale (PSS), and the Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale (PSRS)

B . A licensed clinician: A Psychologist (PsyD) to instruct and train on mindfulness skills. Specifically, the clinician is a certified instructor of the MBSR program designed by Jon Kabbat-Zinn.

IV . Procedure:

A . All 64 participants will complete the PSS prior to the experiment beginning.

B . The experimental group will commence 2 weekly sessions of MBSR for approximately 60 minutes each, for the next 8-weeks. The sessions will be conducted in a serene studio environment designed to promote mindfulness and concentration. The studio will be setup in a laboratory to ensure the accuracy of data collection and the internal validity. Obviously, there are limitations to the internal validity of this type of data collection which will be discussed in greater detail in the study.

Question: What sort of research design would I use for this? ie: 2×2 independent group design. Please help!

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