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Importance of Sound Business Continuity Planning

There are numerous benefits derived from business continuity planning including increasing the ability of the firm in avoiding problems in the business environment to the highest level possible. This is due to business continuity giving the firm a chance to assess current risks and as well as forecast future risks. Business continuity also aids in demonstrating credibility in responding to the customers, as the plans for planning on project implementation and completion are already put in place where disruptions occur (Watters, 2010). Business continuity also aids firms to have a competitive advantage due to the ability to continue and complete projects despite disruptions in the business environment that may affect other firms in the industry.

Other benefits of business continuity include enhancing the reputation of the business through the ability to meet projects with or without disruptions. Business continuity enhances the resilience of an organization in times of disruptions on the achievement of set goals and objectives. Business continuity also aids in the development of a proven mechanism for the management of business disruption and protect the brand of the company to the clients (Watters, 2010).

In conclusion, business continuity is an important factor of business as demonstrated by the benefits derived by the company in making plans and mechanisms for the business to undertake when disasters strike. It ensures the firm minimizes loses and comes out of the disruption with a minimum negative impact on the business potential of the firm.