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Importance of Welldesigned Health Communication Activities in Schools

Most of the population opts for a diet that promotes good health and simultaneously lowers the risk of chronic disease. Therefore, the public and private sectors are involved in an extensive level of communication so that they can spread the awareness message about diet and health (Health Canada, 2004).
Health literacy is a separate form of literacy that is becoming more and more vital for economic, social and health development. The optimistic and multiplier effects of general literacy and education on population’s health are well known and researched. Health researchers and health care professionals have long been concerned about the link between education and health (Kickbusch, 2001). In Canada, education and literacy rank as key determinants of health, along with various determinants. In the health report, it is stated that literacy levels, which are mostly related to the level of education, are important predictors of employment, active participation in the community, and health status. Other than this they are also important predictors of the success of any nation (Health Canada, 1999).
Learning about health through new information technologies might provide more opportunities that are more interactive and effective. When a person is being educated through net surfing, chat rooms and talking to others that are suffering from the same problem, in reality, it increases their level of understanding.
Adolescents spend a considerable portion of their lives in the school setting. Their ongoing experience in schools not only affects their academic developments but also places a strong role in influencing their social-emotional and physical health development, both positively and negatively (Wells, 2000). In addition to the direct teaching, if the schools provide opportunities to the students to develop relationally, emotionally, and behaviorally, it will provide a lasting impact on their lives.