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An organization will need dreamers, doers, strategizers, organizers and team builders just to mention a few. This is a subject that will create major impact for leveraging the best of the employees present for the best results for the company. To allow for this kind of organization to occur, the organization as a whole must receive training on diversity and the hiring principles that will help us to make that happen. We will present a plan, here on how best to accomplish this change.
To begin, there must be an established approach to the problem of education of something as new and different as diversity education. We will confront the data, share it broadly, and use it to define as precisely as possible where our greatest energy will need to be applied. We will share case studies and refine the information from them through discussion in the groups where they are applied. We will engage everyone by listening to them throughout all discussions, to better understand what their learning needs are. Our measureable objectives which are listed on the teaching plan at the follow of this document will be shared with the learners and actions will follow.
We will survey all those involved in the education prior to the training and then again after the training to assure that there is a better understanding of cross cultural issues and the importance of those to the company in general. Once the education is carried out per the education plan following this document, we will continually reeducate to assure that this is a process that continues to work throughout the system. We will also assure that any new employees go through the whole training as part of their orientation to the company.
We believe like so many companies that have leveraged diversity for the betterment of the company that the senior management team must be on board first. Research shows that this is a process that must be driven from the top down and so the education for