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Installation project

The main purpose for this installation will be to ease the service delivery in the airport making it more comfortable for the travelers departing and those arriving. This will not be just limited to the passengers but all the activities that take place at the airport in general. The project will be meant to monitor movement of air traffic, movement of road traffic to and from the airport, movement of goods within the airport and to an extent the weather conditions at the airport. This information will be crucial in reducing the intensity of travelers while at the airport.
While undertaking this project, it is important to understand that the area in question is a normal 2D earth surface that will have to be transformed into a 4D Euclidean surface using the transformation mathematical formula. The surface will further be embedded into maps and metrics using the same concepts as those used in 4D Euclidean space transformations.
2. A general survey will have to be conducted across the airport to determine the general layout and nature of the airport. This will involve picking of data about feature s such as buildings and other structure s available at the airport. This task can be carried out by a surveyor or a GIS technician.
3. After analyzing the layout of the airport, the site engineer will choose a point at which the giant bear will be installed taking into consideration the movement of air traffic and passengers and also its proximity to the main travelers’