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Integrative Industry Project Part 3 ( Methodology ) Samsung Co

It is worth mentioning that a researcher undertaking a specific study must acquire a comprehensive idea about the sort of research methodology undertaken for reaping several significant benefits. These benefits include ensuring that the reliability as well as the validity of the study is maintained at the optimum level and also attaining the predetermined research objectives within a definite timeframe. Specially mentioning, the quality facets of research methodology pertaining to any study irrespective of different fields generally entail defining along with redefining any sort of persisting research problem, formulating relevant as well as appropriate hypothesis and collecting valuable information. Apart from these, the other major characteristics include evaluating the potential data, making effective decisions, finding out suitable solutions, reaching into a valid conclusion and most vitally testing such conclusion among others. It is projected that the formulation of a quality and an effective research methodology eventually enables a study to derive varied positive results and also ensures attaining the postulated research objectives as per the desired level. It will be vital to mention in this similar context that by the help of preparing a quality based research methodology, any specific study is deemed to generate varied positive outcomes. This could be made possible by following the practices of research methodology while attaining the desired research objectives within a definite period. In this regard, such practices could be measured in the form of research design or process and determination of an appropriate methodology (New Age Publishers, n.d.).
For this particular research study, which is concerned about finding out the possible issues that affect the performance of Samsung and also the probable improvement approaches, a descriptive research design