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Kudler Food Outline

Running head: KUDLER Kudler Fine Foods Ltd Design trade-off Approach The design trade-off is related to cost, schedule and performance.
Cost: The cost of the proposed system favorably high. The implementation of web based solution would demand the use of a range of hardware and software for running the system smoothly. The software and hardware costs are as below:
Desktop Computer upgrades $61,100
(includes Windows 2000)
47 @ $1,300
Network Server 5,200
1 @ 5,200
Network interface cards 4,345
55 @ $79
Network hubs (8 port) 3,000
8 @ $375
Print Server 855
3 @ $285
FAX Server 3,405
3 @ 1,135
IBM TN 3270 Network Gateway 9,600
3Com Remote Access Router
1 @ $1,039 1,039
Total Hardware 88,544
Novell NetWare NOS: 100 user 4,930
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional 15,960
55 @ $290
TN 3270 terminal emulation software 3,245
55 @ $59
Outlook Mail Server 6,545
Total Software 30,680
Hardware/Software Installation 11,000
Wiring 16,500
Database Conversion 75,000
User Training 13,750
Total Project Cost (one time) $235,474
Incremental Operating Cost (annual)
Network Manager (with benefits) 85,000
Other (DSL line, ISP fees,
licenses, repairs, upgrades, etc.) 55,000
Schedule: The schedule would be 6 – 18 months for getting the entire project done. The primary stages like planning and decision making would make sure that al the system components are identified and the business case is understood well for fetching the right attitude for the system to be developed.
Performance: The final implementation of the new system would curtail costs of data transfer and would cater the customers satisfactorily. The implementation of various new hardware’s and software of the system would make sure that system response and customer handling is enhanced using better methods for their catering and goodwill.

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