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Managing Stress among Employees in Outpatient Setting

It is identified that the negligence of evaluation phases causes the breakdown of implemented changes. This paper will discuss various strategies and techniques that can be effectively employed in evaluating the impacts of the introduced changes among employees in out-patient settings.
There are three evaluation phases that are scientifically designed for program evaluation. formative evaluation, summative evaluation, and impact evaluation. The formative evaluation phase continuously acquires information regarding the introduced program in order to amplify the performance. According to Lytras, Carroll, Damiani, Tennyson, Avison, Vossen, and Pablos (2008), in the summative evaluation phase, the outcomes of the project are assessed. and from those results, the project managers analyze the impact of the outcome on its actual beneficiaries. the shareholders (p.672). On the other hand, impact evaluation phase focuses on the larger group of beneficiaries over a long period of time. Here we can use formative evaluation and summative evaluation techniques for the determination of the effectiveness of the introduced organizational change in an out-patient setting.
The organizational changes implemented to manage employees’ stress need to be analyzed from the perspective of both employees and organization. it involves the application of formative evaluation phase. In order to get the status of the introduced change, from the perspective of employees, it is necessary to collect their feedback using methods such as questionnaires, surveys, voting, and general meetings. Similarly, it is suggestible for the project management team to assess the effectiveness of the change by considering its impacts on those employees who were affected by stress. It can be achieved by comparing the individuals’ level of performance prior to and after the implementation of the program. Their new ways of working behavior both as individuals and as a team need to benbsp.evaluated for knowing whether the change takes a positive effect on them or not.