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Molecular Medicine Master

Molecular medicine masters
Molecular medicine denotes a broad field where chemical, medical, physical, and biological techniques are applied to describe molecular mechanisms and structures, identify genetic disease errors and fundamental molecular. And design molecular methods of correcting them. The perspective of molecular medicine emphasizes molecular and cellular interventions and phenomena rather than the preceding observational and conceptual concentration on patients and their organs. The combination of biochemistry and contemporary medical studies gives a bridge between the two fields (Runge, amp. Patterson 2006).
Based on my research and final project I am working on identifying a gene related to cholesterol disorder. I have studied biomedical studies and its incorporation with molecular medicine will enable me to clearly and concisely do my research in the stated field. Based on the level of education offered in your university, I wish to pursue masters in the field of molecular medicine as you produce only the best in the country. Based on my research methods and passion to identify and cure various diseases, I find myself suitable to learn and gain the necessary knowledge regarding molecular medicine. The developments faced in technology and the human genome projects have led to new ways of understanding and treating human diseases. The defects associated with single genes discoveries are very trivial and can be stopped and cured with man-month of efforts. My desire to understand various diseases like heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders and estimation of their threat to people, based on each individual’s genotype has made me want to study molecular medicine.
In conclusion, my passion to understand various diseases and how to cure them has been my driving force to study molecular medicine. Making an impact in this field will be an advantage to me as I would like to discover medicines to cure various harmful diseases and hope you will find me liable and capable to undertake the molecular medicine masters in your university.
Runge, M. S., amp. Patterson, C. (2006). Principles of molecular medicine. Totowa, N.J., Humana Press.