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Movie Application Paper

Plot summary The King’s Speech is a biopic on King George VI the father of the current British Queen Elizabeth II. The story is built up in the year 1934 with King George V looking for a successor to the throne. His eldest son, the Prince of Wales is having an affair with a divorcee, Wallis Simpson and is not fit to occupy the throne. Hence, the option to become the ceremonial head of this country lies with the young prince, Bertie who has a stammering problem. He suffers from stammering when he was around 4 or 5 years of age and this prevents the prince from attending any public speaking function. During this time, he turns to an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue to cure him of his speech impediment. The many subtle moments in the film, sketching the agonies that the prince suffered in childhood and the panic he experiences upon the death of his father and the abdication of the throne by the elder brother has been well portrayed in the movie. The movie details the journey of a prince suffering from a speech impediment and the manner in which he overcame this hindrance with the aid of his friend, the Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue. …
Intrapersonal conflict is that which develops in the minds of an individual. Hence, conflict may be best explained as a behavior or conduct. On the other hand, interpersonal conflict has to occur between two persons. This movie has well depicted the interpersonal conflict between the prince and the speech therapist. Interpersonal conflict may be explained as a struggle which is expressed and takes place between two independent individuals having the perception of incompatible objectives. Intrapersonal conflict The intrapersonal conflict depicted in this movie, is the inner fear of the prince of public speech given his speech impediment. The movie has well depicted the traumatic childhood of the young prince which made him stammer. The manner in which he was strictly controlled by the nanny and certain events which made him lose his confidence and in fact fear the very thought of speaking in public display interpersonal conflict. Interpersonal conflict and power In this movie, interpersonal conflict, in the first half of the movie has been displayed between the prince and his speech therapist. It has been observed that disagreement is the fundamental element in all conflicts. However, not all disagreements may be termed as conflicts. A conflict is a situation in which both parties rely on each other. in a way that the conduct of each independent party may impact the other. Power may also lead to conflicts. In this movie, the first instance of expert power has been depicted. In this case, the king has to comply with the directions of his speech therapist mainly because his speech therapist has expertise in curing speech impediments. Despite the fact that the king commands legitimate power, he has to obey the rules laid down by his