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News Summary/Analysis(Population and migration)

Disturbances in the Middle East have resulted in the direct impact upon the civilians’ life and stability. As a result of this different regions havebeen center of attention with regard to immigration. Italy along with other European states have been center of attention as a result of the backlash of ongoing events of turbulence in Libya, Syria and other adjoining parts of Middle East. Apart from the Middle East, other parts of the world that have been hit by destruction people have also flocked from those regions namely Afghanistan and Eritrea.
Illegal trends are one of the concerns and alarming factors that have come forth in the wake of such events. The impact of such events is not just political but ethical and cultural as well.
Source : Adams, 2014
Facts and Figures from 2014:
Between the first four months of current year, as many as 25 thousand immigrants have flocked from different parts into Europe.
A non zero population growth rate is observed in Europe based on the shift of immigrants towards European towns and cities. The immigrant trends will change the pattern of fertility rates and overall population trends in E.U.
Only in Italy, the number of immigrants who have headed from the different troubled parts of the world amount to as many as approximately forty thousand immigrants and not all of them are legally arriving.
With the ongoing civil war in number of countries namely Afghanistan and Syria, the trends are bound to increase and more immigrants are bound to head towards the region.
Source: Adams, 2014
Adams, P. (2014, May 30). Migration surge hits EU as thousands flock to Italy. Retrieved from BBC New Europe: