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Project governance structures and leadership

Rio Tinto shares were listed in the ‘Australian Securities Exchange’, ‘London Stock Exchange’ and ‘New York Stock Exchange’. Headquarter of the company is situated in the UK and it was operating in 40 countries with around 71,000 employees. The main objective of the business is undergo the operation of ‘finding’, ‘mining’, and ‘processing mineral’ of the global resources. Furthermore, the company is engaged in the production of ‘metals’ as well as ‘minerals’ that includes ‘copper’, ‘gold’, ‘diamonds’, ‘uranium’, ‘aluminium’, ‘coal’ and other industrial minerals (1Rio Tinto, 2014).
The aim of the essay is to analyse the current business model in terms of the project governance structures and leadership approaches of Rio Tinto Group. In this regard, an assessment is conducted with the aim of having a better understanding about the procedure based on which the company businesses approach in the global context. .
The organisational structure of Rio Tinto Group is based on the hierarchical pattern i.e. top-down structure and the overall job role of the group is sub divided into separate departments. These departments are centrally accountable for the functional management linkage with the corporate management that consist of board level. The corporate management of the company includes the chairman, two executive directors and eight independent non-executive directors and presidents (2Rio Tinto, 2013). The company board regulates and evaluates the opportunities that need to put forward and strive to keep a balance between expenses and income of the business. The 2013 strategic report of the company reveals that board evaluates the planning reports and plays a supportive role to approve such plans. Sam Walsh is the chief executive of the company decision during the year 2013 is highly supported by the board level of implementing