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Project on leaflet ordering within the workplace

These provide customers with comprehensive information regarding tenancy, ownership, entitlements, neighbourhood plans, safety, security and all supportive systems forming part of the housing scheme.
Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the process and effectiveness of changes implemented in the ordering and display of customer information leaflets at KHT’s six offices across the borough.
When undertaking changes in any part of an organization’s functioning, the individual, team and organizational levels need to be taken into account. Effectively addressing the issues that require change through relevant management processes, leads to the required results. It is essential to consider beneficial outcomes for customers, cost-effectiveness for the organization, have both vision and pragmatism, pay attention to global and local issues, and encourage individual accountability at the same time as enabling team work (Cameron and Green 2004, p.3). Effective management of change provides competitive advantage, improves enterprise and helps to consistently meet organizational goals. Managing change is a complex, dynamic and challenging process (Paton and McCalman 2000, p.2) involving assessment of the situation, planning tactical, strategic processes, and implementing operational changes.
The work profile includes travelling to each of the Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) offices on a weekly basis, to check whether all leaflets pertaining to KHT and its various benefit schemes, support and services are displayed correctly. A short notice inspection revealed that some of the leaflets displayed were out of date. Secondly, it was found that staff members were not willing to take responsibility towards stock taking and ordering fresh stocks according to the requirement. This resulted in the ordering of excessive numbers of the information leaflets, causing expensive wastage.