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Question 1many genes are found in nearly all living organisms this is calledanatomical


question 1

many genes are found in nearly all living organisms. this is called

  • anatomical


  • developmental homology
  • molecular homology
  • biogeography
  • question 2

    which of the following i the term for measuring the amount of an isotope and its daughter product in a rock to estimate the rock’s age ?

    • radioactivity
    • carbon dating
    • radiometric dating
    • chemical dating

    question 3

    which of the statement about natural selection is true

    • natural selection favors traits suited to the environment
    • natural selection causes new trait to appear
    • natural selection results in the perfect organism
    • natural selection causes progression to a goal

    question 4

    Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era. Which of the following is NOT a period of the mesozoic era

    • triassic
    • jurassic
    • devonian
    • cretaceous

    question 5

    which of the following is the term for the physical pr behavioral traits of organisms that lead to increased survival of reproduction