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Reflection/Participation Paper

Reflection Paper Lifespan Processes: The Normal Events [Type the [Pick the The main theme in this article is supply chain management. The author wants to introduce the necessity of a supply chain manager in an organization. He elaborated the case by citing some of his personal life experiences. Further, he explains the importance of various subjects that help a student of supply chain management in the practical life. He recommends students to take writing course very seriously, he also wants them to be good at numbers, and they must be familiar with the information technology. In explaining the importance of supply chain management, he negates the common notion that supply chain management is restricted to logistics and transportation companies (Miao). He tells his readers that supply chain management mainly deals with four disciplines that include logistics, planning, procurement and operations (Miao). Therefore, by studying supply chain management, a person can specialize in any of these disciplines, and he/she can decide in which of the four fields they want get employed. To further strengthen his case, the author has tried to explain the role of a supply chain manager in a society beyond his organization.
The author has tried hard in engaging his readers, but there are minor loop holes in the text. First of all the whole article is very subjective, it deals mainly with the person who has written it. Moreover, there is a lot of repetition in the article, and the subjective pronouns have been used in excess, which obviously affect the quality of one’s writing. However, the author has been able to communicate his ideas, to his readers. This is because he used simple vocabulary, and did not brought up any complex notions that might leave a reader in embezzlement. But, there are few areas, where the author needs to revise his work. For instance, the referencing style used by the author. there are different styles of referencing, however, one style must be chosen for citation, where as the author has used two or three different styles in one article. It seems that the article is not properly revised because there are several problems with in the manuscript. Moreover, the author needs to work on his tone, because the whole article suggests that there is no better profession than that of a supply chain manager.
The whole concept of supply chain management lies at the heart of businesses. An organisation cannot risk overlooking its supply chain. Like, any other company, the importance of supply chain management is appreciated in my organization, and a lot of measures are taken in order to make it more efficient. As a student of supply chain management, I will have to agree with most of the things that are mentioned by the author. however, my main area of concern in this article is the writing style that can be improved by exercising writing skills on regular bases.
Miao, Y. (2014, April 19). Supply Chain Management: More Than an Area for Logistics. Retrieved July 7, 2014, from Yolanda: