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Report format new product

Billabong is an international clothing and accessories company based in Australia. The company operates in several overseas locations and primarily focuses on beachwear and wetsuits for both male and female customers. The company owns several brands such as RVCA, Element, Von Zipper, Xcel, etc (Billabong, 2015).
The environmental analysis of the Australian market of beachwear and beach accessories suggests that it is capable of supporting the growth of the industry. The environment of Australia is relatively stable and attracts many tourists from overseas locations to enjoy Australian beaches. The stable political environment also suggests that there are no internal conflicts that may affect the business operations of the company. The stable economic condition of Australia indicates that the customers have the necessary disposable income to purchase the company’s products. Moreover, the social construct of Australia also reflects that people prefer to visit the nearest beaches and enjoy surfing in the sea (CIA, 2015). Thus, the customer base of beach wear and wetsuits is quite huge.
The target customers of the company are mostly the young population who prefer visiting beaches and wear fashionable and trendy beach wear and accessories. The company has targeted the customers based on their age group, which mostly ranges between 15-35 years. The company caters its products to the upper middle class of society, who bears both the necessary disposable income and mentality to engage in leisure activities such as hanging out on a beach with friends.
The marketing goal of the company is to increase its product portfolio so as to increase the customer footfall and improve its revenue generation and brand equity. This will be achieved by introducing a new product: UV protector spray. The marketing goals involving the new product launch will involve new promotional activities