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Report on Design Methods and Technology Project

Security nowadays has become complicated due to the increase in criminal activities that have prompted the use of technology in countering them (Angelo 2007). The robots use only the battery and there are obedient to their programming and instructions given to them by the specialized technicians.
The robots therefore enable the employment of specialized individuals to control and monitor the robot for security purposes. More resources have been wasted due to investment in inefficiency security systems that are not effective. The public, as a result, suffers from the inefficiencies in the security systems and may decide to invest in other options to maximize protection on their premises. Security at present is thus an important venture that should be managed effectively to ensure that those answerable for crimes are brought to book. Robots are efficient systems that can be put into proper use if employed effectively (Angelo 2007).
The robots can improve security significantly and can deal with dangers perpetrated by various people by putting in place strategic measures. The robots are mobile objects using advanced technology to monitor activities around a particular place. The robots are well suited for buildings since they can move smoothly throughout the building. Various robotic systems are used by the military to perform surveillance. One such technology is a drone. It passes over land, and its unmanned reduced the risk of casualties especially where it is monitoring an unauthorized area. There are various financial needs for the efficient running of the project that the report is going to bring forth. The use of robots is quite efficient since the robot is monitored from a distance, and one does not have to be their all the time in the case of humans guarding a particular premise. The robots do not get tired and, therefore, improve the security of an establishment.
The robots need finances and the proper components for security robots are