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Research Methadology

If all these above mentioned aspects might be known, then it might prove effective for the researcher or the investigator to evaluate the main points of the research question and whether it is useful for the future steps of the research or not.
The research design also acts as a tool to evaluate, whether the investigation is fixed or variable. The researcher might analyze, which type of research design such as qualitative or quantitative might be used. Furthermore, if the research design is develop with the help of hypothesis, the choice of grouping the researchers might be easily evaluated. Thus, it might be stated that, it is the research design that acts as the catalyst in analyzing the entire effectives of the research project or study (Leavy, 2014, 351-357).
Semi structured interviews is a sort of interview that is entirely based on a specific list of questions or a specific set of questions. Moreover, semi-structured interview might also be based on certain specific topics so as to understand the personality and attitude of an individual. This type of interviews is conducted in an informal way in order to gather varied types of information and facts regarding the candidate. This makes an interpersonal relationship within the two individual (management and the candidate) that enhances their trust and reliability among one-another. Although, it is not followed but it includes some advantages, presented below.
In-depth information: With the help of this interview process, an in-depth evaluation of the ideas and facts of the candidate over a specific topic might be analyzed. It helps the management to evaluate the inner strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and whether he or she is appropriate for the job or not.
Experiences might be shared: In this type of interview process, varied types of previous