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Select a form of global business and explain where you might go Also say how you might find the best business climate

Task Hotel Industry Business The hotel industry is lucrative and doing well in many countries as the economies are recovering from the recent global recession. I will probably start my business in the United States in the state of Florida and my headquarters will be located in Miami since very many tourists frequent this area throughout the year. There are other hotels operating in the area, but I intend to counter their competition by offering unique and high quality products (Mathis and Jacks 45). I also intend to expand my business by opening up new branches in various countries across the globe. Branches will be opened in every continent across the globe to ensure that the business satisfies all customer food requirements. The management of these hotels will be under the leadership of fully qualified professionals who have prior experience in running similar businesses.
I intend to find the best business climate by considering the micro and macro conditions that might affect the business. In considering the micro environment, I will consider the availability of my suppliers of raw materials and other supplies (Mathis and Jacks 56). I will also consider the presence of my target market, the accessibility to the hotels and the competitors in an area. The macro conditions to be considered include the factors influencing the operations of the business, but are beyond our control. This will involve the evaluation of demographic, normal, fiscal, political and the technological environments (Mathis and Jacks 76). I will consider the legal restrictions that certain countries impose on the type of business to ensure the operations of the business run smoothly. I will also consider issues such as security since the business will depend on it to maintain our customers. The best business climate is the one that will adequately satisfy the above conditions hence ensure effective competition and success of my hotel business.
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