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Stakeholder and Governance Analysis

The role of main stakeholders of this project is really important. This is community development project that is aimed to facilitate and improve the living style of the poor people of the Bangladesh.

The biggest stakeholder in this scenario is the Grameen Bank. The responsibility of this stakeholder is providing less interest rate for the poor people so that they feel easy to return the loan. Next, the government of Bangladesh needs to establish such policy that facilities the bank and as well as the general public for this project.

The project manager has a very big responsibility in this project. First, we have to build the interest among the people regarding this project then we have to manage this project in such a way that it becomes easier to handle all aspects.


After a detailed analysis of this project, I have analyzed that this project is really helpful and effective for the rural communities of the Bangladesh. This project will add values to the lives of the poor people of the Bangladesh. Grameen Bank has taken a strong step for the betterment of the Bangladeshi people. As a result, this project will help to enhance the basic living facilities in the rural areas of the Bangladesh.

In this report, I have presented and analyzed the main stakeholders of this project that is aimed at the better community development in Bangladesh. In this report, I have identified the main interested and effective parties that have influence or effect on this project regarding its execution.