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Sustainable and ethical tourism

People do not have time to spend with their families to sit back, relax and talk. It’s all about accumulating wealth and how much can you accumulate. Under such intrigue situations people all over the world go on holidays and vacations whenever they get time to spend with their loved ones. Choosing a tourist destination is not that simple today, now you need to consider a number of factors before you make the final decision. Majority of the mass tourism today is dominated by travelers that want to explore the world and to discover the secrets and signs hidden in its beauty, matter and treasures. The market dynamics in today’s brisk paced world have revolutionized. Media empowerment, advancement of internet and technology and emergence of public entities, social groups and Non Government Organizations have revolutionized the market place from top to toe in all respects. Today the consumer is obstinate from a marketer’s perspective and has the power and liberty to repudiate or purchase, literally, anything based on personal liking and choice. This is how the marketplace works in the real world today with the emergence and existence of a new concept known to us as consumerism (Assadourin, 2010). The tourists today are also aware of the morals and ethics of travelling and they really take care of the fact that they are visiting places that offer healthy and genuine mass tourism. Healthy and genuine mass tourism refers to the fact that the culture and the heritage that is portrayed as local are original and not captured or illegally acquired. Similarly greener environments are preferred over places that are not environment friendly. Similarly with growing political tension in different parts of the world, terrorism and discriminatory acts have labeled some of the greatest tourist destinations as no go zones and this has led to the shift in interests of and choices made by tourists to decide upon their dream location for vacation (J.D Roth, 2011). Mass tourism Industry and its impact on economy After the recession the global economy is still recovering from its aftershocks and after effects. The recession blew away all the mega structures that were created by the financial gurus and the corporate masterminds for the economic stability of Global business community. All their efforts literally went in vain as their hard work of years did not enable their businesses to survive a couple of years of economic downturn. As the disastrous recession of 2007-08 comes to an end, the corporate sectors and the global economies look for industries that are virtually recession proof and that will help them come out of the recession more quickly than others. One such industry is the Global Mass tourism Industry. According to the Global Mass tourism Industry accounts for 9% percent of the world GDP and 8% of the total world employment. These are big numbers and by 2019 the Global Mass tourism Industry is expected to create 296 million jobs worldwide. The former discussion