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The Choice of Green Technology Project by Projmanics LTD

Finally, it intends to get the views of the management on whether the project will deliver their set objectives.
The team conducted a research to find out the needs of the consumers and stakeholders who are the main beneficiary of this project. The methods employed in collecting data from the stakeholders of this project included interviews, focused group discussions, and customer reviews from the website of projmanics (Sproul, Wan, Mandel amp. Rosenfeld, 2014). This was done to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders were prioritized in coming up with this type of project. The team intended to come up with an idea that was user-centered and not an idea that originates from the management.
When users of projmanics were interviewed to give their opinion on the types of products and services they wanted, they were fast to point out innovation. Being concerned about their environment and the prevailing climate change, the citizens of UAE wanted to see the company come up with environmentally friendly products.
This was motivated by the recent entry of the country in the list of top tourist destinations in the world. Projmanics, which for a very long time had dealt in the manufacture of various products ranging from electronics to machinery, also had to share in the vision and goals of their consumers (Harris, Barucci, Cano, Fitzsimmons, Fulchignoni, Green amp. Schäfer, 2013). It is against this backdrop that the team proposed green technology as the next feature to see the growth of the company in the country and also abroad. This was to join the rest of the world and be on the forefront in leading the green technology revolution.
The aim of this project is to see the company build another plant responsible for the manufacture of eco-friendly products such as electronics and machinery. Thesenbsp.include such things as energy generating equipment like solar panels, wind turbines and other machines that utilize green energy like solar-powered automobiles.