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The Film named The Official Story is about Terror in Argentina in the 1980s

The official story Introduction This is a highly rated movie by Luis Puenzo as the director and Aida Bortnik as the writer. It was first sold in United Kingdom with the name Official Version. The theme of the movie revolves around a wealthy couple that is situated in Buenos Aires and their adopted child. The movie won many international awards such as the Oscar Awards as the Best Foreign Movie. It also won other awards as the 1st Latin American Film in the fifty eighth awards (Roger Ebert, 1985).
The film talks about the life of a married couple that lived after Argentina’s torture and killings that rendered thousands of suspected political activists into unknown graves. The movie begins in a set up of a family. The wife (Alicia) being a History teacher and the husband a wealthy businessman. The family had adopted a young girl named Analia Castro (Gaby) (Roger Ebert, 1985).
A time comes that Alicia starts thinking of Gaby’s real parents. She had been frequently warned about it by her husband. The husband was fully aware of the whole story of adoption but was ignorant about it. Alicia starts a research after a friend returns from exile. She ends up knowing the grandmother to Gaby. Chela Ruiz (Sara). The grandmother explains the history of the child and how the parents disappeared. The plot of the movie suggests that Sara may not be the real grandmother and the real parents may be unknown. The movie ends with a family conflict because Alicia insists on tracing the parents of the girl (Roger Ebert, 1985).
I deduced that this movie has a lot of creativity in it. It was produced in England, yet the occurrences were in Argentina. The flow is perfect as well as the themes are clearly illustrated.
Critique of the film
The film won many awards despite it being directed by a young director aged 39. This was the first move directed by Luis Puenzo. Reports from analysts’ state that the movie has a good flow and plot as well. The name of the movie has some criticism too. The name is Official Story, yet it has many painful narrations (Roger Ebert, 1985).
Terror is the main theme in the movie. Massive killings took place as a result of political differences and this caused massive killings and suffering. Many were rendered orphans, Gaby being an ideal example. It also led to family conflicts such as what we see in the couple.
This is a god movie that clearly illustrates what took place in Argentina’s terror. We should all learn the importance of political stability and other values depicted in the movie.
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