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The Increasing Involvement of the Clergy in Politics


In the American context, American Muslims seem to just take care of themselves and mind their own businesses. Bill uses facts and opinion polls to back his arguments. For instance, when he says that 11% of those polled agreed that they had been influenced to vote along political divides, this only depicts the selfishness, majorly on the part of the clergy (Agnew 56). One might want to ask: why do they involve themselves in politics in the first place? Truly the American Muslims have replaced the Koran with their own interpretations, which in my view, is a paradox indeed. McKibben reveals the dangerous misinterpretations of the Koran by most American Muslims. When I read Bill’s article, what first came to my mind was the infiltration of the expensive mega-churches, plus their founders. When one visits some of the churches, they may be shocked by the elegance and the exurban styles of the churches. The churches are built using millions, or billions of dollars. The founders seem to use the church as an avenue to enrich themselves, promising worshippers that the the hands that give are the hand that receives. The American worshippers have understood this and would give an arm and a leg to receive the blessings. Instead of helping the poor members of the church just as Mohammed commanded, the founders and top clergy live lavish lifestyles, adorning expensive suits and other wears. In some cases, they are reportedly involved in scandals such as those pertaining to sex and politics.