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The Left Brain vs The Right Brain How Does this Impact Learning

Some other studies attribute the learning capacity to the left brain. One of the articles published in the website writes, An important factor in understanding learning styles is understanding brain functioning. Both sides of the brain can reason, but by different strategies…The left brain is considered analytic in approach while the right is described as holistic or global. The website also draws out the certain peculiarities of the left brain when it says, A successive processor (left brain) prefers to learn in a step-by-step sequential format, beginning with details leading to a conceptual understanding of a skill. A simultaneous processor (right brain) prefers to learn beginning with the general concept and then going on to specifics ( 2014). This provides the fact that left brain is more analytical and therefore there is more probability for the left brain to control the learning activity.
The study of the brain has exposed certain interesting facts and perceptions. Daniel Sinclair, (2012) attempts an analytical study of brain in his book. A Vision of the Possible: Pioneer Church Planting in Teams and writes thus, Research has shown that a lot of learning differences are due to the two different sides of the brain, the left brain being dominant for some individuals and the right brain for others. While the left brain is more logical, sequential, rational, analytical and objective, the right brain tends to be more random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, and subjective. Sinclair also adds that The left brain focuses on facts, whereas the right brain looks at as a whole. The words of Withers and Keami (2003) are supportive to the previous argument when they describe the functions of the brain clearly. According to them, The left side focuses on language, reading and writing, mathematics and linear processes. The right side houses