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The US should have never invaded Iraq in 2003 (Public Rhetoric)

This is because war can never be a good thing. whether it is between countries, families and communities. It is harmful and cruel because it destroys countries resources, and it ends up killing a huge population if prolonged. The United States of America in collaboration with others had not only a moral right, but an obligation to defend against mass terrorism and the threat that Iraq posed (Enterline and Greg 1078). The difficult moral issue in this case was not only about ending terrorism, but defending the common good against such threats. The reasons attributed to the US getting involved with the Iraq war include. the US wanted to do away with the administration that had developed, and were known to use dangerous weapons of mass destruction in order to sustain terrorists (Sykes). These groups of people were also well known for committing crimes and had extreme human rights abuses. They emphasized that Saddam Hussein was making dangerous arms for mass destruction, and this was a threat to the neighboring countries. It is for this reason that the military force was sent to fight with Iraq to protect the US nation. It also got involved to make sure that Al-Qaeda did not become a superpower. The good thing about the US invading Iraq is that the war changed Iraq from dictatorship to democracy. It is also through the war that Saddam Hussein was captured and imprisoned for execution. …
This war had a great impact on the economy of the US as the troops required $9 billion to continue with the fight in Iraq. The most important reason why the US should not have invaded Iraq is that many Americans were murdered, more than 4,000 people died, and an average of about 30,000 people were seriously wounded (Sykes). These killings were brutal, and the military guys watched in despair as they could not help their colleagues. Some of the people who were wounded later died in hospitals as they undergone treatment. Children and families were emotionally affected especially those who lost their loved ones in the war. The U.S had policies towards Iraq which were based on three assumptions, all of which are extremely morally problematic, and they include. the United States of America has a right to use their preventive force against Iraq, the main aim of the U.S military action was to overthrow Iraq regime and the U.S have a right to act unilaterally if other nations do not have the will to act as it deems necessary. It is imperative to consider a full ethical analysis of humanitarian intervention as it requires a moral judgment that considers the range of justifications for action. For example. Iraq was facing genocide, human right abuses and undemocratic regime (Byman 55). The main objectives of the war include. regime change and provision of security for the U.S nation. Military intervention aimed at overthrowing a regime should have exceptional reasons that requires an extremely high threshold to justify such mass starvation and mass suffering Iraq war humanitarian intervention took place since the international community had provided a safe haven. President barrack Obama was quoted saying that he is proud that he opposed the war